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Algemeen Regelement

1.1 Registering
In order to participate in a competition, players must have a legal version of the game installed and an account at the respective game client. Furthermore, every player needs to have a valid ticket for the event, which gives them the right to participate in competitions. Participants of the lan-competitions are required to bring their own PC, laptop or game console, with the most recent version of the game installed. Registration can be done by following the instructions on the respective competition page. Teams are required to have the right size, which is specified on the competition page.
1.2 Names
Players need to be easily identifiable for the admins, referees, organisation and opponents at all times. A player’s registered user name must therefore be easily recognisable, and need to be similar to the name registered at the event and competition.This name must then also be used on platforms like Discord, Teamspeak, or any communications platform used during the games. Furthermore, we ask our players to provide a list of their in-game nicknames on their profiles on our competition page.
1.3 Software
All related software has to be up to date. All games will be played on the servers of the event, which has the latest patches, unless otherwise specified in the game’s rules. If a player is unable to join the server(s) because their software is not up to date, it will result in the player being sanctioned.

1.4 Fairplay & Sportsmanship
Players must always be respectful towards other players and staff. Players are required to act in a respected manner, especially during the games that are broadcasted and played on the stage area. This in relation to the publicity and professionalism of the event, but also for the organisations involved with the event. Misdemeanors, which includes but not exclusive to: cursing, discrimination and aggression, both in-game and during the event, to other players, visitors, or towards the crew, will not be tolerated. Any player who breaks this rule will be sanctioned.

1.5 Cheating
Any form of cheating will result in exclusion of all competitions. Forms of cheating includes, but not exclusive to: (bug) abusing, using 3rd party software, scripts and editing of the game files outside of the standard configuration options that the game offers.

1.6 Freelancing
The team are required to be complete and fully registered before the competition commences. Deviations to this fixed group of participants is not allowed, unless explicit permission has been granted by the competition admin. A participant is not allowed to join multiple teams in the same competition.

1.7 Sanctions
A ‘caution’ will be given when a minor offense occurs. Two ‘cautions’ are the same as one warning. A ‘caution’ will be given in the following cases, but there are other cases which will warrant a ‘caution’:
+5 minutes late for the start of a match;
Pausing the game for an illegitimate reason;
Disrespectful behaviour during streamed games or games on stage.

If a larger offense occurs, a warning will be given. Two warnings will result in a player being disqualified from the competition. A warning will be given in the following cases, but there are other cases which warrant a warning:
+10 minutes late for the start of a match;
Pausing the game in order to gain an in-game advantage;
Not listening to the rulings and decisions of the referees;
Racist or discriminatory behaviour towards fellow players, visitors or crew.

If an offense has occurred and is only processed after the awards ceremony, the organisation has the right to give the prizes to another team.

1.8 Times
Players are required to be present 15 minutes before the match commences, to make sure that the match is able to start at the designated time. If a player is not present when the game commences, an admin will be alerted. Failure to have a complete line-up 15 minutes after the allocated starting time will result in a forfeit for the misconducting team. The maximum score will then be awarded to the opponents, and the misconducting team will also acquire a warning. This also counts for tardiness acquired in relations to other competitions. Therefore, participating in multiple competitions at the same time is at the player’s own risk.
1.9 Communication
All communication will be through Discord and the intranet website. Players can refer to the Discord competition channel for announcements and/or changes made to the competitions. Players must be present at all times in the Discord channels of the competitions which they entered.

1.10 Results
The players will be able to enter the results in the competition system by themselves. The system will automatically register when both teams have entered and confirmed the results. The players may also request the assistant of a competition admin when entering the results. When any disagreement occurs regarding the entered results, the match-media will be decide the results.

1.11 Disconnects and Server Problems
If a pause is requested during a game due to technical difficulties, both teams must be informed. With the agreement of both teams through in-game chat, the pause will commence and both teams will wait until the technical difficulties have been solved. Pausing without a valid reason will result in sanctions. A player must notify a competition admin if server problems are suspected which might hinder their performances. The continuation of the match will be decided by the competition-admin/referee.

1.12 Lay-out
The players are 100% responsible for the set-up and lay-out of their hardware. If a player suspects that the positioning of the opposing team might give them an unfair advantage, they can raise this issue with the competition admin before the match. During or after the match, the teams cannot raise this issue anymore.

1.13 Match Media
Players are required to make demos and screenshots during the game. This is to prevent not being able to prove certain ‘punishable actions’. The organisation keeps the right to publish these demos and screenshots. If there is no match media available, the competition-admin/referee will decide.

1.14 Competition Changes
The organisation keeps the right to alter the prizes in accordance to the competition. This can happen, for example, when there’s a certain amount of registrations for a competition. Competition admins/referees are able to make the final decision at all times about any issues that come up during the competition. Admins/referees also have the right to change the competition’s rules under extreme circumstances. The organisation, as well as the competition-admins/referees, have the authority to stop or cancel a competition.

1.15 Observers
Only admins and referee-approved observers are allowed to spectate/observe in-game during the competition matches.

1.16 In-game Chat
Chat will not be used in-game, unless it’s used for sportive comments/gg or connection problems. Players are allowed to use team chat if present.

1.17 Drugs
The use of any presentation-altering drugs is strictly prohibited, with the exception of prescription drugs or medical necessities.

1.18 Entry & Disturbances
Behaviours that cause disturbances to the players or to a competition is strictly prohibited. The crew reserves the right to deny entry to parts of the event to any players.

Addendum Tweakers Gaming Live

The next parts is reserved for Tweakers Gaming Live, with emphasis on Esports competitions. The following rules takes priority over other rules laid out above.

2.1 Participation in Esports competitions
Participants of Esports competitions will automatically be added to our bracket/group stage.

2.2 Additions to Times
In addition to point 1.8: during esports competitions, players are required to be present 30 minutes before the match commences, instead of the usual 15 minutes.

2.3 Additions to Results
In addition to 1.10: during matches of an esports competition, score sheets will be provided to the referees. The filled in score sheets must be signed and approved by the referee and the participating teams after the match/competition.

2.4 Mobile Electronics
During esports and stage matches, no wearable/mobile electronics will be allowed, including but not exclusive to mobile phones, smart watches, tablets and other electronic devices. These have to be handed in to the competition admins/referees or stow away in bags.