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# Rainbow Six: Siege

Wanneer? Sat 10 Nov 10:15
Toernooiformaat? Team vs Team
Waar? LAN-Booth
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Confirm your participation before Saturday 10:00 at the competition desk, no confirmation means no participation

Group Stage starts: Saturday 10:15
Knockout Stage starts: Saturday 14:30
Consolation Finals start: Sunday 14:30
Finals start: Sunday 16:15
1.1 Tournament Format

1.1.1 Group Stage
Depending on the amount of teams participating a group stage will need to be played. The group stage will start Saturday at 10:15. Therefore all teams need to confirm their participation before Saturday 10:00 at the competition desk. If no group stage is necessary confirmations still close on Saturday at 10:00.
All matches in the Group Stage will be Best-of-one (BO1).
A total of 8 teams will advance to the Knockout Stage.

1.1.2 Knockout Stage
The Knockout Stage will start on Saturday at 14:30.
All matches in the Knockout Stage will be Best-of-three (BO3).

1.1.3 Consolation Finals
The Consolation Finals will be played on the Entertainment Stage on Sunday at 14:30.

1.1.4 Finals
The Finals will be played on the Entertainment Stage on Sunday at 16:15.

1.2 Communication with the admins and organization
All communication will go through TGL's Discord server: TGL R6 Discord If for any reason discord can’t be used, the admins are available at the competition desk.

1.3 Substitute players
Substitute players are allowed if and only if the substitute is present at the event, has not or will not participate in the tournament in any other capacity than as a substitute, and has the approval of the tournament admin.

1.4. Ingame

1.4.1. Player drops
If a player drops from the server during a match, the round will continue uninterrupted until the end (Round starts with the first second of the preparation phase). After completion of the round, the player who disconnected will be allowed to re-join the server or a re-host can be requested. The match is considered “live” when the first round has started. At least the half of all players need to remain and the match need to be played until the match end and a winner is decided. If this isn’t possible due to connection issues, it will be considered as a forfeit in favour for the team who is able to have all players on the server.
Every team can re-host the server once in a match. If problems like this appear again, such as a player dropping out when the match has already been re-hosted, the team need to play the match with the remaining players to its conclusion. Any abuse of this rule will be considered as deception and will result in penalization and including disqualification of the team.

1.4.2. Re-host
In a re-hosted game, each player need to choose the same settings as they picked at the start of the original game. All ruling which isn’t explained in the previous point, the teams had to open a protest ticket. Only admins of the staff can decide, if the game will be complete restarted by a score 0:0.

1.4.4. Illegal Actions
Any actions that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug and glitch using of any kind. In a tournament by using any bug or glitch, the team got a warning, by the second time of using it, the team will be disqualified. Spawnkilling / Spawnpeaking
· Killing somebody who already spawned, moved out of cover or is spawnrushed is considered spawnpeaking and will not be rated as glitching / bug using.

2. Game settings
Matches have to be played with the following settings:
· All matches will be played with 5 players per team in a Bo1 in groupstage, and Bo3 in Knockout stage, Single Elimination.

2.1. Settings
· Playlist Type: Normal Mode
· Server Type: Dedicated Server
· Voice Chat: Team Only
· Time of the Day: Day
· HUD Settings: Pro League

· Number of Bans: 4
· Ban Timer: 30
· Number of Rounds: 10
· Attacker/Defender role swap: 5
· Overtime: 3 Rounds
· Overtime score difference: 2
· Overtime role change: 1
· Objective Rotation Parameter: 2
· Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played
· Attacker unique spawn: On
· Pick Phase Timer: 25
· 6TH Pick Phase: On
· 6TH Pick Phase Timer: 25
· Damage handicap: 100
· Friendly fire damage: 100
· Injured: 20
· Sprint: On
· Lean: On
· Death Replay: Off

· Plant duration: 7
· Defuse duration: 7
· Fuse time: 45
· Defuse Carrier Selection: On
· Preparation Phase Duration: 45
· Action Phase Duration: 180

2.4. Operator
· All Operators are allowed to use.

2.5. Mappool
· Bank
· Border
· Club House
· Consulate
· Coastline
· Oregon
· Villa

Mapbans with BO1: A ban, B ban, A ban, B ban, A ban, B ban, A pick side
Mapbans with BO3: A ban, B ban, A ban, B ban, A pick (B chooses side), B pick (A choose side), 3rd map (coins toss decides who is allowed to pick side)

Ingeschreven teams: 4

Confirmed: 4/4 (100%)
Team Inschrijfnummer Bevestigd
Gaming Alliance R6 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Gaming Alliance R6 Beta 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
SugarGranny's 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Trust Gaming 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd

Group Stage

Group 0MPWDL
Gaming Alliance R600000
Trust Gaming00000
Gaming Alliance R6 Beta00000

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