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# StarCraft 2

Wanneer? Sat 10 Nov 13:00
Toernooiformaat? 1v1
  De inschrijvingen zijn momenteel gesloten!


- join the StarCraft channel in the TGL discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/WJH7VGN! (admin is here)

- In StarCraft, join the chat channel by typing /join tweakers for talking to fellow participants.

The StarCraft II tournament at Tweakers Gaming Live is open to all participants of the LAN. It starts on Saturday with a round robin group stage and concludes with an 8-player single-elimination bracket on Sunday. Click 'rules' for more information about the format.

The prize pool consists of Blizzard goodies:

  • 1 x StarCraft pullover

  • 3 x StarCraft hoody

  • 3 x StarCraft t-shirt

  • 1 x StarCrafts magnet set

The top-8 players can each pick one item, the winner gets to choose first :).

This tournament also awards qualification points for the Dutch StarCraft League's DSCL Nationals. For all information about the DSCL Nationals and the current ranking, see DSCL.nl/nationals.
Tournament format

The tournament consists of a group stage on Saturday (starting at 12h) and an 8-player single elimination bracket on SundaySaturday (starting at 10hafter the group stage). 

The group stage will be played in round robin format: players will be divided into groups and everyone plays all their group members in a best-of-three match (the first to win two games wins). The number of groups, the group sizes, and the number of advancing players per group will be determined based on the number of sign-ups. 

In the group stage each match win awards 1 point, a loss 0 points. The group results will be decided according to points scored. Ties in the groups are resolved as follows:

  1. If two players have the same amount of points, their head-to-head result determines their order in the ranking.

  2. If three, four or five players have the same amount of points, the following rules determine their order in the ranking (in order of importance):

    • The difference between games won and games lost, based on the total group results.

    • Points based on matches between the tied players only.

    • The difference between games won and games lost, based on the matches between the tied players only.

    • If more than two players are still tied then round-robin Bo1 tie-breaker matches shall be played with the tied players. The admins will decide the match order. If after application of the above rules only two players are tied, two-player tie-breaker rules (see above) will be applied.

The playoffs are single elimination with the quarterfinals best-of-three, semifinals best-of-five, and the finals best-of-five or best-of-seven depending on how late it is. There will be no third-place match. Matches after the group stage finished and will be played back-to-back.


The maps for this tournament are the current Blizzard ladder maps. Before each match, players do vetoes to determine which maps will be played. One player is randomly determined to begin the veto process, in which players take turns either vetoing 1 map (until as many maps remain as could possibly be played in the series) or picking a map (in the order in which they will be played).

Other rules

Players have to play the same race throughout the tournament (random is considered a race), chat should be limited to expressions of sportsmanship, pausing should only be used in emergencies, and in case of disconnect the match will be recovered from replay (call an admin in case this happens).

Streamers or casters sanctioned by the tournament admin must be allowed to join matches. Players may stream their own matches.

Any sort of cheating or hacking will get you disqualified from the tournament.

In cases not covered by these rules, or in special circumstances, the tournament admin decides what happens.


Ingeschreven deelnemers: 11

Confirmed: 11/11 (100%)
Speler Inschrijfnummer Bevestigd
AccelSynchro#2554 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Arnovic#2579 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
DaXGS#1764 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
djeffa#2472 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
JoyPone 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
LCruel 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
RagingR12 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
TheDeed#2385/[FoFoG]Prospect 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
tyrant 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Ventasus 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
zplay 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd

Group Stage


Ronde 2
Tompuppy#2426 0 - vs - 2 RagingR12 Ronde 4
Tompuppy#2426 0 - vs - 2 DaXGS#1764
Group A Matches
Ronde 1
Arnovic#2579 2 - vs - 0 AccelSynchro#2554
LCruel 0 - vs - 2 djeffa#2472
JoyPone 0 - vs - 2 tyrant
Ronde 2
AccelSynchro#2554 0 - vs - 2 tyrant
djeffa#2472 2 - vs - 0 JoyPone
Arnovic#2579 2 - vs - 0 LCruel
Ronde 3
LCruel 2 - vs - 0 AccelSynchro#2554
JoyPone 0 - vs - 2 Arnovic#2579
tyrant 0 - vs - 2 djeffa#2472
Ronde 4
AccelSynchro#2554 0 - vs - 2 djeffa#2472
Arnovic#2579 2 - vs - 0 tyrant
LCruel 2 - vs - 0 JoyPone
Ronde 5
JoyPone 1 - vs - 2 AccelSynchro#2554
tyrant 0 - vs - 2 LCruel
djeffa#2472 0 - vs - 2 Arnovic#2579
Group B Matches
Ronde 1
TheDeed#2385/[FoFoG]Prospect 2 - vs - 0 Tompuppy#2426
Ventasus 2 - vs - 1 DaXGS#1764
zplay 2 - vs - 0 RagingR12
Ronde 2
DaXGS#1764 0 - vs - 2 zplay
TheDeed#2385/[FoFoG]Prospect 2 - vs - 0 Ventasus
Ronde 3
Ventasus 2 - vs - 0 Tompuppy#2426
zplay 0 - vs - 2 TheDeed#2385/[FoFoG]Prospect
RagingR12 2 - vs - 1 DaXGS#1764
Ronde 4
TheDeed#2385/[FoFoG]Prospect 2 - vs - 0 RagingR12
Ventasus 0 - vs - 2 zplay
Ronde 5
RagingR12 vs Ventasus
zplay 2 - vs - 0 Tompuppy#2426
DaXGS#1764 0 - vs - 2 TheDeed#2385/[FoFoG]Prospect

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